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Professional Grade Supplements

You take supplements to upgrade your health, boost your immune system, improve memory, elevate your mood, help you sleep, and more. But do you know what is actually in those capsules in this non-regulated market? Probably not what you think!

A large study done by the New York State attorney general’s office found that the 4 major retailers they surveyed (Target, GNC, Walgreens, and Walmart) were ALL selling fraudulent, and potentially dangerous, herbal supplements and vitamins that did not contain ANY of what they claimed they did.

Even worse, some contained only cheap fillers that were NOT listed on the label; including rice, powered legumes (soy/peanuts), asparagus, gluten, and houseplants, that could cause severe allergic reactions in certain people.

Out of 6 vitamins and supplements tested, 4 did not have ANY of the medicine or herbs stated on their labels. NONE!

What a waste of time and money!! And worse, people are not getting the medicine they need!

Be sure you are getting what you need, and do not get your supplements from a drugstore, supermarket, or super chain!

All of the supplements on Courtney King, MD’s Fullscript site have undergone rigorous testing to assure their quality and effectiveness, and she backs each one. These are the same supplements that she recommends for her patients, and you are welcome to purchase from this certified site, to make sure you are getting what you need and want, shipped directly to your home.

Things To Know About Supplements

  • It is possible to take the incorrect vitamin, supplement, or dose, depending on your personal liver or kidney functions, and the health of your detoxification pathways. Make sure your doctor knows and approves of what you are taking!
  • Vitamins and supplements can be just as potent as pharmaceutical medications, and should be taken as directed.
  • If you are NOT an established patient of Golden Road Integrative and Functional Medicine, and do not have personal supplement recommendations from Dr. Courtney King, you accept full responsibility for any adverse outcomes.
  • For optimal health and functioning, please establish care with Dr. Courtney for a customized supplement and vitamin plan. She makes personalized Adult and Pediatric supplement recommendations after completion of the Comprehensive Functional Medicine Assessment. Make sense of your personal vitamins and supplements to achieve optimal health today!!

Where Does Your Golden Road Take You??

Maybe you have some questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision on becoming a patient. Please make sure you have fully read the FAQ section! If you are ready to make the investment in yourself, Dr. Courtney would be happy to answer any additional questions about whether or not Golden Road Integrative and Functional Medicine is right for you.

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