Your Journey Is Different From Everyone Else’s.
Your Health Care Should Be Too!

At Golden Road, we’re all about root cause resolution… digging deep into your story, your genetics, and your imbalances, to discover what causes your dis-ease. Partner with Dr. Courtney King, MD and her personalized Functional and Integrative approach, to cultivate your Golden Road to unlimited health, today!

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Why Golden Road?

You have different genes, live in different environments, think different thoughts, have different stressors, and you are motivated by different inspirations. Why should fatigue/anxiety/insomnia/diabetes, etc all be treated the exact same way?? This is why the “pill for an ill” conventional Big Medicine is not working. Personalized Medicine holds the key to feeling better. Faster.

After years of managing too many patients (1850+), limited appointment time (the average appointment time in the US is 7 minutes), and restricted lab and genetic testing, Dr. Courtney King, MD left conventional medicine to create a practice that would go deeper. Golden Road was developed as a concierge practice in order to establish meaningful patient relationships. She incorporates cutting edge Functional assessments and testing, and nutritional, botanical, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical (when needed), and lifestyle support for the mind, body and spirit. Dr. Courtney  empowers patients by teaching them the tools to continue their lifelong journey down their own Golden Road to health.

What Makes Golden Road Medicine Different?

Dr. Courtney King knows that it takes time to listen to your story, discover the root causes of your illness, restore balance, and attain one’s ultimate health. With this in mind, Golden Road offers concierge medical memberships for a limited number of patients, where our relationships, accountability, time, and open access to care generate amazing results.

Our Unique Approach To Achieving Optimal Health

Golden Road knows that chronic stress is one of the most common roots of illness and a barrier to optimal health. First, we check for any thyroid, adrenal, toxin overload, or hormonal imbalances that could be keeping you down. We also incorporate many techniques to help control that sympathetic response (“fight or flight”), and, together, we will find what works for you!

Our Philosophy On Functional Medicine

The concept of “functional medicine” is prioritized at Golden Road. It turns out that there is no magic bullet, one size fits all diet, nor one pill that can cure everything that ails you. Your genetics, family history, life stressors, attitude, environmental exposures, and lifestyle intermingle and impact your individual health. Learn how, and why, all of these aspects are important for lasting health.

About Our Approach

An integral part of Golden Roads’ approach is a collaborative relationship between Dr. Courtney King and the patient. She serves as a confidant, health detective, medical doctor, second (or third…) opinion, and a guide, to help her patients create their personal Golden Road to health.

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