Your Journey Is Different From Everyone Else’s.
Your Health Care Should Be Too!

At Golden Road, we’re all about root cause resolution. We dig deep into your history, exposures, and imbalances, to discover what causes your dis-ease. Partner with Dr. Courtney King, M.D. and her personalized Functional and Mind-Body-Spirit approach, to cultivate your Golden Road to unlimited health today!
Heal Your Roots. Elevate Your Mind. Enjoy Your Life.

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Dr Courtney King, MD: Golden Road Integrative and functional memedicine specialist

Why Golden Road?

Everyone has different genetics and trauma, lives in different environments, eats different food, thinks different thoughts, has different stressors, and is motivated by different inspirations. Why should fatigue, anxiety, overwhelm, insomnia, digestion, diabetes, depression, etc all be treated the exact same way?? This is why the “pill for an ill” conventional Big Medicine is NOT working. Personalized Medicine holds the key to feeling better. Faster.

Dr. Courtney King, MD left conventional medicine in 2017 to create a practice that would go deeper than the 10-min appointment, restricted lab testing, sick care model that has become the standard of care. Golden Road Medicine was developed as a concierge practice in California, Colorado, and in Georgia in order to establish meaningful patient relationships. Dr. King incorporates cutting edge Functional Medicine testing, nutritional, botanical, pharmaceutical, and lifestyle support for the mind, body and spirit. When addressing the current pandemic of anxiety, PTSD, overwhelm, burnout, and spiritual disconnectedness, Dr. King has found that incorporating Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy can often be the catalyst to creating long lasting positive change. Dr. Courtney empowers patients by teaching them the tools to continue their lifelong journey to become healthy, happy and whole.

About Our Approach

An integral part of Golden Roads’ approach is a collaborative relationship between Dr. Courtney King and the patient. She serves as a confidant, health detective, medical doctor, second (or third…) opinion, and as a guide to help her patients create their personal Golden Road to physical, mental and spiritual health.

Your Next Steps

Sign up today to become a Golden Road membership patient to get to the bottom of your health concerns and to achieve optimal mind, body, and spiritual health. Work with Dr. Courtney in one of our group offerings, build community through day long Psychedelic Medicine circles, or join one of our intensive integrative retreats!