Golden Road Group Offerings

Dr. Courtney King is now offering group healing sessions targeting the most common causes of dis-ease that she sees on a routine basis in her practice. These groups make functional medicine more affordable, while still providing direct care and follow up with the doctor. 

Ready to join a group of like-minded health seekers to balance your hormones, get rid of long Covid symptoms or optimize your vitamins and minerals? 

Group Plans:

Optimizing Your Hormones – 12 weeks

  1. Ovulating/Menstruating Women’s Group – ages 16 through 50+ – If you have a period, but things feel off with your cycle (heavy bleeding, painful periods, PMS, cyclic headaches, difficulty losing weight, difficulty gaining muscle, sensitivity to birth control pills or IUD), then you may very well have Estrogen Dominance, and this is the group for you!!
  2. Women’s Menopause Group – If you have stopped getting your period and are not liking the associated symptoms (hot flashes, brain fog, night sweats, fatigue, difficulty losing weight or continued weight gain), or you want to optimize Estrogen for bone health or mental clarity as you age, this group is for you!
  3. Men’s Hormone Health – Optimizing Testosterone – If you are a male of any age that is experiencing fatigue, difficulty gaining muscle mass (or losing strength/ muscle mass), difficulty losing weight, or feeling a little down without a reason why, this group is for you!!

Groups include a one-on-one 45-min private intake with Dr. Courtney King to establish care, order blood labs, and, if needed, shipping of the extensive Dutch Test urine and saliva hormone panel test to your home for collection.

There are 8 weekly Zoom meetings with Dr. Courtney King covering a range of integrative hormone balancing topics, reviewing lab work as it results, making recommendations based on lab results of the group, and lots of time for Q&A each week.

Long Covid, Vaccine injury, and Spike Protein Detox Group – 12 weeks

This group is for you if you have not been feeling back to your healthy baseline since you have had a Covid infection. This same program helps those who have had adverse effects from the vaccine or booster to get rid of the lingering problamatic spike proteins in your body. Headaches, hair loss, racing heart, fatigue, rashes, or simply not feeling like yourself are all common complaints seen when the body has not gotten rid of spike proteins, or if your immune system has not bounced back to normal.

This group includes a focused one-on-one 45-min intake, ordering blood lab work to look for other common underlying imbalances, specialized diet, and supplement recommendations to aid the detoxification of the spike proteins and to boost the immune system. There are 8 group zoom meetings to review labs, discuss the detoxification process, learn natural ways to further detox, tweak the diet to work for you, check in on your healing progress, and to answer any questions. In some cases, Ivermectin may be prescribed, if desired,  to help speed the healing process.

Optimize your Vitamins and Minerals – 12 weeks

This group is for you if you want to truly uplevel your health. If your conventional doctor is not checking a full vitamin panel (Vit D, B12, B6, E, A) or important minerals (zinc, copper, calcium, potassium, magnesium, selenium, etc), then this group is even more important! We will also test and cover thyroid markers and health, inflamation markers, and blood sugar and fasting insulin levels to assure stellar overall health is acheived! If you have had some of these checked, and are “within normal limits”, but still dont feel optimal, that is because “normal” lab values are based on a standard deviation of the average American…whom is typically overweight and not eating a good diet! There is an optimal range within every “normal limits”, and in this group you will find out what that is for each test, and what you can do to acheive OPTIMAL!!

This group includes a 45-min one-on-one with Dr. Courtney King, and 8 weekly zoom sessions reviewing lab results, learning the importance of each item tested, learning how to optimize each lab value both naturally and via supplements, and how to keep them optimal going forward for complete vibrant health!

Groups run throughout the year, so if you are interested in any group offering, please send an email to, or sign up for the Newsletter to find out when the next group is starting!

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