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Let’s work together to restore your vitality by developing a personalized plan that will put you back in charge of your health.

Ready to Discover Your Optimized Health? 

There are 2 ways to work with Dr. Courtney King to get a full personalized Functional and Integrative plan to optimize your health. Both plans include in-depth labwork to assess your imbalances and root causes of your health issues, as well as private email access directly with the doctor for personal support at any time.

The first plan is ideal for those just starting with Functional Medicine, those who have not been able to figure out what is causing their health problems, or those who have been dealing with their symptoms for a long time.

The Maintenance plan is a lower touch plan for those who want to be proactive in their health as they age, those with only a few symptoms that want to acheive or maintain optimal health,  or those who only have 1-2 health concerns that they would like managed by a Functional Integrative Physician. This is the perfect plan for anyone wantng to get away from Conventional Medicine but want access to a like-minded doctor!! Book a free call to see which plan is right for you!


New Patient Membership Full Functional Medicine Year – Meet Monthly with Dr. Courtney King

Intake includes review of any medical records, review of the intake questionnaire, 2 x 90-min private telemedicine sessions with Dr. Courtney King (90-min new patient intake and personalized lab work customization, and then a 90-min initial lab review and creation of your personalized health plan). Then we meet monthly for 45-min x 12 months, as we tailor any additional labs needed, tweak the health plan as your health improves, and further optimize your health.

This is the plan for you have seen other doctors and are not getting the answers that you need to your health concerns, or you are just not getting better with conventional medicine. This plan is for you if you are on multiple medications and you are ready to make the changes to heal and get off your meds! This plan is also for you if you just don’t feel your very best, and you want to optimize all aspects and areas of your health and wellbeing. If you want a full Medical Detective workup using Functional Medicine tests to discover of the root causes of your dis- ease, and a detailed personalized Integrative Health plan to help you achieve the changes, growth, and healing that you need, this plan is for you!

Maintenance Functional Membership Year – Appointments with Dr. Courtney King every 10-12 weeks

Initial intake includes 2 x 90-min telemedicine sessions with Dr. Courtney King (detailed intake and personalized labwork customization, and then first lab data review and explanation and customization of a personalized functional health plan going forward- same as above). This includes a review of any previous medical records, and review of the detailed intake questionaire. Then we meet every 10-12 weeks to check in on your progress, review any additional labs needed, and tweak your health plan as needed to optimize your health and lifestyle.

This program is only for patients who have gone through the New Patient Full Functional Membership**, those who are fairly healthy but want further optimization of their health (more energy, better sleep, weight loss), or for those who have 1 health concern that they would like to address from a functional and integrative perspective, but do not need high touch monthly support.

This plan is for you if you are tired of the way Conventional medicine is treating your health concerns and you want more time and a personal relationship with your doctor. Maybe you want to integrate more Eastern Medicine practices into your health care, or you are looking for a personalized plan to increase your energy and vitality!! This is also a great plan if you only have one main concern that you would like managed: hormone balancing, thyroid management, brain optimization, a personalized detox or diet plan, vitamin and mineral optimization, etc…This plan is also designed for continued support and maintenance of health after the New Patient Functional year.

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We believe your health is your most important asset. As such, any decision you make should be taken with great care. If you’re tired of getting the run-around and ready to commit to your best life, let’s connect. We’ll really listen to you and help you find the right program so that you can finally get the results that you’ve been waiting for.