Golden Road Medicine Membership Plans

All Membership Plans can be tailored specifically to what you may need. If you would like to find out if you are a good fit to work with Dr. Courtney King, to see if at-home Ketamine therapy is right for you, or to tailor your own individual program, please book a free 10-min discovery call with Dr. Courtney King.

Please see the detailed description of each program under their individual page under the “Offerings” tab. 

New Patient Membership Full Functional Medicine Year - $4500

Intake includes review of any medical records, review of the intake questionnaire, 2 x 90-min private sessions with Dr. Courtney King (90-min new patient intake and personalized lab work customization, and then a 90-min initial lab review and creation of your personalized health plan). Then we meet monthly for 45-min x 12 months, as we tailor additional labs, tweak the health plan, and optimize health.

$1500 payment to start, then $280/month, or discounted as above for full upfront payment. You will have direct email access to Dr. King for any questions, concerns, or virtual hand holding that you may need between appointments.

This is the plan for you have seen other doctors and are not getting the answers that you need to your health concerns, or you are just not getting better with conventional medicine. This plan is for you if you are on multiple medications and you are ready to make the changes to heal and get off your meds! This plan is also for you if you just don’t feel your very best, and you want to optimize all aspects and areas of your health and wellbeing. If you want a full Medical Detective workup using Functional Medicine tests to discover of the root causes of your dis- ease, and a detailed personalized Integrative Health plan to help you achieve the changes, growth, and healing that you need, this plan is for you!

Maintenance Functional Membership Year- $2100/$3600

Intake includes 2 x 90-min telemedicine sessions with Dr. Courtney King (intake and then first lab review) and review of any previous medical records and the intake, then we meet and review additional labs every 12 weeks x 12 months.**

This program is only for patients who have gone through the New Patient Membership**, those who are fairly healthy but want further optimization of their health (more energy, better sleep, weight loss), or for those who have 1 health concern that they would like to address from a functional and integrative perspective, but do not need high touch monthly support.

$1500 payment to start, then $185/month, or discounted to $3600 for full upfront payment.

** Those who have gone through the New Patient Membership Year can simply pay $2100 for the year, or can switch to the $185/month plan, and do not need to pay the extra $1500 intake fee**

This plan is for you if you only have one main concern that you would like managed: hormone balancing, thyroid management, vitamin and mineral optimization, etc…OR for continued support and maintenance of health after the New Patient year.

Intro to Integrative Ketamine Therapy 2 months- $1900/$2500

Intake includes 3 x 60-min private sessions with Dr. Courtney King (review of any medical records, intake & psychological screening and clearance, a personalized basic lab work panel and review, and a dosing strategy/integration session after the first 2 -3 doses).

It includes 6 at-home ketamine medicine sessions and includes the price of medication and shipping. 

This also includes 3 x 60 min Integration sessions with a licensed therapist trained in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. Additional sessions may be added directly with the therapist, if desired.

If you are already working with a therapist who will support you with integration, the price of the functional medicine and ketamine sessions only is $1900.00

Ketamine Maintenance Membership Year - $3300

Intake includes 3 x 60-min private sessions with Dr. Courtney King (review of any records, intake/ psychological screening and clearance, a basic labwork panel review, and a dosing strategy/integration session after the first 2 -3 doses) Then we meet every 3 months to review additional follow up labs, ongoing Ketamine dosing strategy, and ketamine prescription refills.

This program is only for patients who have prior experience with Ketamine Therapy, or those who are already working directly with a Therapist who is helping with integration. This program DOES NOT include the price of the medicine, as individual patients have widely varying maintenance doses.

The Ultimate Mind-Body-Spirit Integrative Medicine Membership Year- $7200

This monthly 1-year truly Integrative membership combines the best of Functional Medicine lab work and root cause resolution medicine to heal your body, and Ketamine therapy to help you work through a variety of mental health concerns, to improve your resilliancy and to deepen your spiritual health.

This Mind Body Spirit Holistic Membership combines the New Patient Functional Membership Year ($4500 see above for details) PLUS the Intro To Ketamine Therapy Program ($2500 see above for details) PLUS the continued Ketamine Maintenance Program for the remaining 10 months of the year ($3300 see above for details). This highly discounted, high touch program is designed for lots of one-on-one time with Dr. Courtney to deeply support you on your healing journey.

Group Plans - 12 weeks - $1750

All group plans are 12 weeks long and cost $1750. Every group includes a 45-min one-on-one appointment with Dr. Courtney King and 8 weekly group Zoom meetings over the 12 weeks. The group appointments are used to discuss lab results, why each lab is important to your health, what the optimal values are for each test, how to optimize each lab naturally (and through supplements, if needed), when to retest, and plenty of time for Q&A with Dr. Courtney.

This price does not include labs, as most blood labs are covered by your health insurance. If you do not have health insurance, or have a high deductable, you will be directed to a very affordable online lab testing site and Dr. Courtney will help you to personalize which labs you need most, based on your history and the lab pricing that works for you. The hormone balancing groups will also review a DUTCH test that is a mail in test and is typically not covered by insurance. You will be given the physician rate of $199 if you choose to include this test (normal price to public on their website is $499).

Please see the Offerings > Group Functional Medicine page for in depth details about each group.

Optimizing Your Hormones – 12 weeks – $1750 

  1. Ovulating/Menstruating Women’s Group 
  2. Women’s Menopause Group – 
  3. Men’s Hormone Health – Optimizing Testosterone – 

Long Covid, Vaccine adverse effect, and Spike Protein Detox Group – 12 weeks – $1750

Optimize your Vitamins, Minerals, and Thyroid – 12 weeks – $1750

FLCCC protocol prevention and treatment of acute COVID - $498

This is a one time 1-hour intake appointment to establish care with Dr. Courtney King, and to assess for need of Ivermectin or other prescriptions necessary for the treatment and prevention of COVID. It will include a review of any medical records, in depth intake health questionnaire, discussion of supportive natural supplement protocols, and calling in any prescriptions.

FLCCC protocol for lingering COVID symptoms > 1 month – $998

This is for patients who have experienced COVID symptoms for more than a month without complete resolution. This includes review of medical records, a 60-min intake appointment, in depth intake health questionnaire, a plan to order personalized lab work, calling in any prescriptions (Ivermectin, etc), and diet and lifestyle recommendations. It also includes an additional follow up 60-min appointment to review lab results and optimization strategies, discuss supportive natural supplement protocols, and to make an individualized plan based on your personal lab data.

Long COVID treatment symptoms > 6 months

When COVID symptoms persist for >6 months, a full Functional Medicine Membership is advised, as more frequent follow up appointments will be warranted due to length and severity of illness. This will include a full functional medicine workup to discover and treat the underlying damage done by the virus or spike proteins, and any other areas that need optimizing to support the healing process. Please see above New Patient Full Functional Medicine Membership Year for details on this program.

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