Golden Road In Person Retreats

Integrative Mind Body Spirit Retreats are held in person at various locations in Northern Colorado. We have day-long Integrative Ketamine retreats, as well as multi-night Psychedelic Medicine retreats. Please enquire for upcoming dates!!


Join us for deep self-care focusing on your Mental and Spiritual Health. 

All retreats include a 60-min intake appointment with Dr. Courtney King to asses your health needs, and to determine if Psychedelic Medicine is right for you. Each retreats starts with a preparation session to help you understand the medicine that you will be working with (Ketamine, for now) and to help you create the optimal mindset going into the session(s).
After each retreat you will have the option to continue working with the Psychedelic Integration therapists and specialists who will be guiding you through your experiences and working with you to create long-lasting change going forward. 

    DAY RETREATS  – These retreats are held at various tranquil spots throughout the Front Range (Boulder/Lyons/Fort Collins area). They include meditation, intention setting, and mindset cultivation that will allow a more seamless entry into a psychedelic state. After the medicine session, we will use a variety of tools for integrating the experience into our daily lives so that we can harness the increased neuroplasticity to create the change we want to see in ourselves. 

    MULTI-DAY RETREATS – These Colorado based retreats are a chance to leave your routine day-to-day behind to go deeper within yourself.  In these deeper states, you can access your inner healing wisdom and your true light within you. We will incorporate meditation, breath work, yoga/movement, art, and fresh organic foods to facilitate both your mindset going into ceremonies, and the integration of your medicine sessions into your life.

    For future dates and to get on the waitlist, please email, or sign up for the Golden Road Newsletter! 

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