Meet Dr. Eagle

Dr. Victoria Eagle is a licensed clinical psychologist in California and Level II trained Internal Family Systems (IFS) Practitioner. She completed her doctoral degree at the California School of Professional Psychology and pre- and post-doctoral internships at UCSF’s Child Trauma Research Program. She is certified in Child-Parent Psychotherapy, an approach to working within the attachment relationship to heal trauma.  

Dr. Eagle currently works with adult individual clients to heal symptoms such as depression, anxiety, addictions, body image issues, somatic pain or illness, suicidality, parent-child related difficulties, and attachment-based wounding. Through the lens of Internal Family Systems, a non-pathologizing approach to healing trauma, Dr. Eagle helps clients to align with their internal resource for healing, get to know the true meaning of their symptoms, and unburden the pain they carry. Clients report feeling greater connectedness, expanded perspective on their lives and compassion for themselves and others around them following treatment. 

In addition to trauma work, Dr. Eagle also loves working with individuals and groups of people who simply have a passion for self-discovery and curiosity about their inner worlds. Her style is one of compassionate inquiry and gentle guidance, along with the courage necessary to assist clients with sometimes challenging internal terrain.

Dr. Eagle finds that ketamine can be a wonderful adjunct to psychotherapy, particularly when using the Internal Family Systems model, as it often provides comfort to the protective system that allows deeper healing of underlying vulnerabilities and pain. She provides IFS preparation sessions for ketamine treatment, as well as integration sessions following ketamine journeys.


Dr. Victoria Eagle

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